Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gutless Judges Everywhere.

Good men and women protect us every day from ignorant and dangerous criminals.

They're the Police.

They get a bad rap, because a few morons in blue hassling regular citizens at the G8/G20 - they've been exposed and will be dealt with appropriately. How do I know? Because I have faith in the Police Dept's ability to discipline it's own members. It was rediculous to host the event in Toronto anyways, but that's another argument.

Good Policing is without a doubt one of the toughest jobs on the planet.

Especially in light of the way the courts treat criminals after good solid policework lands a citizen accused of a crime in front of a judge.

Take the following, for instance. A snowmobiler, who blew twice the legal limit, has his case dismissed because the officer drew his gun.

Now, read the story and picture yourself as the policeman before you make any judgements. You're alone, on a rural road, with two drunks who broke the law, endangering themselves and others. They don't want to be arrested, but that's your job, dammit. You're a sworn officer of the law, and you've been trained, armed and sent out to do a job.

As a cop, how many times are you going to bang your head against this wall, until you give up? Until you just 'drive by' the next drunk snowmo-prick because it's not worth the effort. Hey, you've got kids, a spouse, a mortgage . . ... why risk it, when the judge is just going to let him go? Let him hit a barbed wire fence at high speed, you've seen that a dozen times. You know it's only a matter of time . . . .... and hopefully he won't take anyone else with him when he dies.

So next time YOU call a cop 'cause you're in trouble, remember that it's partly YOUR fault if they don't protect and serve with the diligence you expect. YOU sat there while judges let criminals go free and did nothing. YOU complained that the officer who stopped you for whatever was 'too hasty' or 'too rude' or 'too whatever'. You probably didn't even vote in the last election, let alone vote for the 'law and order' candidate.

Sure, there are injustices, times when mistakes are made - but put yourself in a pair of Cop Boots for a day - or a night. Don't rush to paint the Police with a dirty brush, when they do the dirty work every day, and every night, for you and your family.

And YOU let the judges set the criminals free.

Here the Gutless Ontario AG waits three years to charge muslim extremist with hate speech, waiting until he left the country to file the complaint.

Here the U.S. Department of Justice drops charges against the New Black Panther for voter intimidation, even though they had him on video standing with a nightstick threatening voters in front of a polling station in Philly in 2008.

You tell me what's going on.


  1. I saw a bumper sticker today that said "Silence=Consent" and thought about all the times I have been silent. I've known several Cops over the years, and currently am close to a young man who is a city Cop. I joked with him when he became a Police Officer that the city was much safer. Only partly joking. He takes his job seriously. He loves his job. And he worries about his family. He worries that some day he won't come home to them. He takes extra precautions to keep them safe as there is some concern that they will be hurt because of his job...that someone will hurt them to get back at him. This is an intelligent, strong, level headed young man. The city really is safer with him on the job. Yes, there are always a few who give the whole a bad name, but overall, the people who 'serve and protect' the rest of us, do so, because they really want to make our communities safer. They deserve much more respect and support than we typically give them. They have a difficult job. How many of us really worry about getting hurt (or our families being hurt) because we serve our community?

  2. Thanks Juli - for reading, for everything.
    These men and women who protect us deserve our support. Well said.