Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sharia Homicide in Stampede City

Muslim Mom Strangles Disobedient Daughter with Her Hijab.

During the execution of her own child, which according to expert testimony took about 3 minutes, Aset Magomadova (AssMag) thought about . . ... what? She made several overseas calls prior to calling 911 after the murder, and talked about . . ... what?

Deesn't matter. While an inquiry into the events leading up the the murder is needed to see what went wrong, it can't change the facts or the justice of the outcome.

Daughter Aminat Dead. Mom Killed Her. Mom Goes To Jail.
Judge Sal (Let 'em Loose) LoVecchio explains how in Canada immigrant muslims can kill their own children and get away with it . . ..."sometimes a particular situation (Honor Killing) may demand a slightly different solution (WTF? Probation?)."

The 'devout muslim' (Psycho Mom) says the daughter (Murdered Victim) tried to stab her with a knife (Self Defence), but no fingerprints were found (WTF?) on the knife (Seriously?)at the scene.

Islam permits lying to unbelievers, it's called “Al-taqiyya”, and apparently, it's also good enough for the Canadian Justice System.

So while I'm at the Calgary Stampede, watching the Trick Shooting and Chuckwagon Races in my Cowboy Hat, celebrating our Canadian Western Heritage, Sharia Law is being implemented to beat an infanticide charge in a local courtroom.

I'll be using my new "G-PAL" account, (that's right, G is for GUN) to send a donation to the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation, and awaiting the appeal of this outrageous multicultural version of sharia justice.

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  1. Filicide, not infaticide. Assuming this poor girl is more than 12 months old. Picky? I know.