Monday, April 5, 2010

Rex Murphy et al ad infinitum-Freedom of Speech.

"Good Lord! Those Section 13 Criminals are at it again!"

Rex Murphy weighs in on Ann Coulter's visit, Stephen Harper's silence, and the "Mr. Magoos' of the B.C. Human Rights Commission". Rex suggests "There is no need for an inquiry into matters that have had such extended demonstration."

Who isn't talking about the so-called Human Rights Commission and Freedom of Speech these days? "A small army of bloggers, writers, podcasters, etc. knows that there's a problem with free speech in this country. Even people from outside this country know that there's a problem with free speech in this country."

Mark Steyn contributes article after article on the subject, calling the Guy Earle tribunal hearing 'an outrage' and noting that Senator Romeo Dallaire's defence of censorship makes him seemingly, "more stupid with each public utterance. You would think a modicum of good taste would prevent him from using the actual genocide he stood around and watched to make such a crass and witless comparison (with freedom of speech)."

With four Senators and many MP's like Rob Anders calling for steps which would lead to the abolition of the HRC's, it's time for Stephen Harper to announce his intentions and step into the ring. It's time for a full inquiry into what is the worst part of our current Canadian culture.

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