Monday, April 5, 2010

Little B.C. Women Support Afghan Women's Education

13 year old Alaina Podmorow from the Okanagan refutes ignorant Canadian leftist's Masters Thesis with love and simple logic. "Even though I don’t understand at all the words 'Orientalist' or 'feminism theory', I do understand what this chunk means."

This is a dedicated group doing excellent work, they'll receive my support and deserve some of yours.

Next time you look at your daughters, give thanks they're not growing up in Afghanistan, while some Canadian Femi-nazi theorizes that:
"only by employing alternative models that contextualize the situation of Afghan women in relation, rather than in opposition, to our own, that feminists can begin to subvert the mutually reinforcing narratives that sustain imperialist violence and women’s subordination."

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  1. A 13 year old can't understand that balderdash. too bad! If she had understood it, maybe she could have explained it to us.

    There's a lot of big words there. Most random word generators don't spew out that much doo doo.

    At least that's what FairLeigh Flatulent just told me, with the wind at his back, as he went out the door.