Thursday, March 18, 2010

Immigration Manipulation - Lock all your doors and windows, there's criminals on the loose!

Here's the pattern - repeated again and again as patterns do.
BCF has links to all the news releases and stories
1. Visit Canada
2. Claim refugee status
3. Have Gang ties
4. Participate in Home Invasion Robbery
5. Stab homeowner in face
6. Go to jail
7. Ordered deported
8. Deportation order recinded
9. Threaten jail guards & promote gang behavior

Now a Canada-wide warrant has been issued for Mohamed Said Jama, the Somali refugee slated for deportation last fall but returned to Canada after a failed attempt to remove him.

Canada Border Services Agency spokeswoman Lisa White says, "This case is a priority for CBSA. All Canada Wide Warrants are listed here - TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.

Update: Picture of Mo-Jama

Comments on the CBC story here, some of which are hilarious.

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