Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ann Coulter's value can be accurately measured.

"Ann Go Home!"
"Ann contributes nothing to anything!"

Then there's Ann's own personal favorite:

"Whereas Ann Coulter is a hateful woman;
"Whereas she has made hateful comments against GLBTQ, Muslims, Jews and women;
"Whereas she violates an unwritten code of 'positive-space'

Unwritten code of positive space? Is this a joke?
These idiot children spend how many hours on this instead of studying?

Ann Coulter's value to Free Speech and Democracy was evident last night, if you consider nothing else then the fact that she exposed how stupid the average leftist university student is.

Kids came up to the mike during the Q&A one after another, reading carefully crafted paragraphs that prompted Ann to insist, "Do you even have a question? Because if you don't, then rent a room and make your speech there!"

Quoting what Ann calls her 'Top Ten Hits' of out-of-context quotes from OVER A DECADE AGO, these budding intellectuals had the pre-eminent right wing harpy in their sights, and the best they could come up with was quotes first made when they were in elementary school? What a waste of study hall time!

Thanks Ann, for exposing the raw mental horsepower of the typical liberal studies major. My god, the future looks dark indeed.


  1. Ann Coulter has done one thing for sure in her whirlwind through Canada.

    She has exposed the radically left leaning of our institutions of higher yearning for anyone who was unaware.

    Although I am not particularly a fan of her style, OK, I'm not a fan of her style, it is just that a style of speaking. You can like it or not, and you can look beneath the surface of what she says to get the real meaning.

    So much energy has gone into venting of spleens on this trip by young kids who do not have the brains to polish her shoes, that it should lead us all to see how destructive our Canadian concept of political correctness has become.

    In the name of preservation of whatever dignity is left in this land, we need to remove political correctness from our lexicon, and replace it with truth.

  2. Hear, Hear! Well said, Michael.

    l'll accept comments on 'Style' when I look at Fashion mags.

    Ann Coulter's style is one of the ways she gets people to pay attention, and in the interest of promoting discussions on freedom of speech and political correctness, it's extremely effective. These issues are out in front again, splashed across the headlines of every newspaper in Canada.

    After the very eloquent and passionate defence of free speech by Ezra Levant & Mark Steyn in Parliament last year, Ann's speech was a 'nitro boost' to a discussion that was, quite frankly, running back in the middle of the pack.

    Ann's 'style' is not illegal, and it's a reflection of who she is, so whether we like it or not it's beyond our need to judge, until she appears on the cover of Vanity Fair. Which is a great idea!

    Even better, how about if Ann had her own magazine, published monthly . ... like Oprah's magazine which is called, of course, 'Oprah'.

    Ann Coulter's monthly mag could be called 'Ann', and Ann would be on the cover every month, just like Oprah is, in a themed photo.

    In March, she could be chasing liberals outdoors in the snow. For April's cover, she could be waterboarding liberals in the rain. For May, she could be in a garden of daisies pushed up by liberals.

    Recipes like 'Politically Incorrect Pie' and 'Republican Roast Beef' would be featured. Ann would be wearing an apron with 'Unless you leave liberals in a sputtering, infantile rage, you aren't doing it right' emblazoned on the front.

    Yes, Ann's style should be celebrated! But until the magazine comes out, no one ought to confuse the truth of her message with her 'Style'.

  3. Whether or not you agree with her (I do), to try to stop her from speaking is no different than what the Nazis and Communists did, which was to arrest and sometimes kill people for what they said. She does not advocate violence against anyone, so if it is hurt feelings you have, too bloody bad.

  4. Right-o, cousinario. Too bloody bad!