Monday, March 8, 2010

Western Liberty vs Islamic Repression

Diana West gives an interview on RT (Russia Today) on the recent success of Geert Wilders PVV party in the Netherlands. Simple, straightforward answers to the usual arguments demonstrating that supporting Freedom of Speech does not have to include tolerating the intolerant behavior of Islamic immigrants.

h/t Gates of Vienna
Listen to the interview and then articulate for yourself how Sharia conflicts with Democracy here in the Canada. Islamic law does spread with the demographic, that's been proven time and again in the EU over the past few years, we can't let it happen here.
Josephine hammers the point home with quotes from Gerard Bouchard, former co-chairman of Quebec's Bouchard-Taylor Commission, "The host country has a duty to accomodate....but not at any price".

"Our culture is better that their culture." Say it out loud, and be proud!

For comparision, watch the trailer for 'Bloody Cartoons' and ask yourself, "What drawings would make you so mad you'd murder your neighbor for publishing them?" Exactly.

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  1. Might it be worth adding that the people who were killed in the cartoon riots had nothing to do with drawing or publishing them? Those who need arbitrarily-selected victims to assuage a blood lust are obviously inferior to those who don't. However, many on the culturally relativist left, like the clueless television interviewer, accuse the Wilders camp of similarly needing victims and having a blood lust. The challenge is thus to articulate why, despite the fact that no society can be absolutely non-violent, some are nonetheless more violent than others and as such have to be restricted more than others.

    Again, a conceptual problem is that the most free and peaceful societies are also usually the ones with the most potential to organize people in powerful ways. It takes a relatively free and peaceful society to develop the talents and abilities needed to imagine and construct a nuclear bomb for the first time in history. But that's no excuse to hate America, or Jews, though it's a hard point to get some people to recognize. We progress by deferring our capacity for violence - through devoting our energies to things like nuclear scince - not by denying it. Much of the left wants us to disavow our capacity for violence. In doing so, they don't attend sufficiently to the need for us to admit and defer inherent human violence in various ways; and in their naive Utopianism they end up pushing us closer to, not farther from, violent outbreaks. The cartoon mob knows it is violent and that is in some ways a good thing, a way in which they are superior to the "progressives". Where they let themselves down is thinking that Islam is the only solution, the best way to defer violence.