Wednesday, August 31, 2011

By the way . ...

The U.S. Jobless numbers came out today...

The recession officially started today.
Both here in Canada, where we officially had negative growth in the 2nd quarter . . ....

and in the USA, where growth (is) at rates insufficient to achieve sustained reductions in unemployment.

Shhhh . .... everyone is sleeping.  Quietly go out and buy canned food and ammunition - the currencies of the future!


  1. Sorry Don. You jumped the gun. It takes 2 straight quarters of negative growth to officially have a recession. But, had you been right, the recession would not have started today but July 1. So, are you a prophet and just about a month early awaiting a negative third quarter, which would make October 1 the day?

    I think you have called it correctly, even if early.


  2. Thanks - you're right. I'm predicting this will be the 1st of two consecutive quarters with negative growth - and today the jobless numbers in the USA came out....