Sunday, September 4, 2011

Obama's Family Tree

Ezra doesn't cover up the truth about Obama's family tree . ... or it's roots.

This is what the 'media party' of lazy, left wing journalists isn't telling you.


  1. Why would the American people have wanted to know about their President. It's not like he is important or anything, just another dude in a suit.

  2. I thought people DID know about this - I certainly did - and that he got elected despite of it.

    I also thought that people knew that Obama, while a student, travelled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport along with his 'foreign student' room-mates. This was durig the time when US citizens were forbidden entry to Pakistan - and when Indonesia did not issue passports to non-Indonesian nationals (dual Indonesian-American citizenship did not exist then). This was documented - and responsible for a big part of the 'birther' movement.

    Oh - and his illegal alien aunt also lived in assisted housing and collected wellfare....

    One of his brothers was sought on an international warrant for being associated with (on the funding side, if I am not mistaken) Islamic terrorism - again, this was not openly discussed, but it was, I thought, rather well known to most people...

    It's been a while since I read it, so my details may be sketchy, but all this information was freely available to anyone who wanted to look. We should stop blaming the increasingly irrelevant MSM and start laying the blame at people who will vote without performing their due dilligence.