Friday, August 26, 2011

Jack Layton - NDP warrior - R.I.P.

A real warrior would always want his death to mean something, Jack Layton was an affable warrior - he wasn't on my side, but he was consistent defending his ideals. His death has unfortunately been twisted into a mockery of real heroism by those members of both his party AND the Media Party who shared his version of the truth. His real legacy will be the exposure of his far-left colleagues for the lunatics they really are. PM Harper's motivation remains unclear, but may be no more complicated than just handing the NDP as much rope as they ask for, and then watching them hang themselves.


  1. I only saw a few minutes of the funeral and it turned out to be a circus with too many clowns.

    ...oh, and Kaffir sent me. ;)

  2. I suppose if you mix a lot of orange with black, the result becomes somewhat, well, Haloweeny...