Monday, September 13, 2010

Bonfire of the Insanities

Ann Coulter said it best.
(This is where liberals stop reading and have a seizure, "Ann Coulter! Zzzap! Sputter, drool....)
Burning the koran is a nasty thing to do.
But so what?
So is changing lanes without signalling, and then giving the finger to whoever you cut in front of. Anchovies on toast is nasty. Putting a Cross in a jar of a piss is really nasty.

Gen David Petraeus' getting involved by saying that burning the koran will just recruit more jihadi's isn't nasty . ... it's insane. He may be correct, but again, so what?

As Ann Coulter says; "If the general's main objective is to hamper jihadist recruiting, may I respectfully suggest unconditional surrender? Because on his theory, you know what would really kill the terrorists' recruiting ability? If we adopted Sharia law!"

Take a look at these idiots on the news, rioting and burning cars - you don't need much more evidence to see that these people are NOT LIKE US.

Now, those 'moderate muslims' we live with - just who are they? Are they going to stand up when their imam shouts 'Death to the Great Satan' and say 'NO!'? Pretty unlikely. And that again is the difference between THEM and US.

Each one of us is an individual, bound together by a set of ideals, the foundation of which is FREEDOM. Freedom from oppression, freedom to assemble peacefully, the freedom to succeed on our own terms and the freedom to give charity to those we feel need help. Negative groupthink only happens in small pockets in western society, and either dies on the vine or is rooted out by the rest of the individuals - who do so to protect themselves and their way of life.

I'd never burn a koran . ... probably. It's just a nasty thing to do.
But I'll defend unconditionally the right of some nasty person to burn one or dozens of 'em. Because it's JUST A BOOK. It upsets me when I see someone burn a Canadian or American flag, because it's an empty, nasty gesture. It burns my ass and makes me want revenge when islamist crash planes and murder thousands of US. It doesn't make me want to kill my neighbors, but it makes me want to eliminate every single one of THEM. For me, it's a simple matter of degrees.

The day islamic ideals of a world wide caliphate threaten our families, football, beer , figure skating and NASCAR - every single muslim better run for cover. Because that crescent symbol will become a target for every free thinking member of the west.

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