Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thailand: Canadian Embassy Closed, Calgary Journalist Shot

The Canadian Embassy in Thailand remains closed. Canada has issued a travel warning stating: The Thai government continues to deploy significant numbers of police and military forces, and "future violent clashes remain a real possibility." The CBC calls it 'Growing Unrest' . . ....
but even Al Jazeera identifies the separatist BRN-C, a group of 5,000 armed fighters and bomb-makers, along with some 50,000 supporters, as Muslim Separatists. The BRN-C is believed to recruit mainly from madrassas (religious schools) in the mostly muslim areas in southern Thailand. These Muslim separatists have beheaded, burned alive and car-bombed amost 4,000 people since 2004, 90% of them civilians.
Originally from Red Deer, then Calgary, veteran cameraman and reporter Nelson Rand was shot in fierce fighting in Bangkok on Friday. He is listed in 'grave condition' in a Thai hospital.

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