Sunday, May 9, 2010

A. A. P. says 'Yes' to Female Genital Mutilation

UPPERDATE: May 15.2010 Holger Awakens has a great article and logo AGAINST FGM and against the weakness the AAP has shown in the face of those who abuse children.
UPDATED: May 12.2010 Diana West calls FGM 'More Dangerous than a Bomb in Times Square."

In their revised policy statements The American Academy of Pediatrics reaffirms they're against Tobacco Use; as (1) there is no safe way to use tobacco; (2) there is no safe level or duration of exposure to SHS; and (3) the financial and political power of individuals, organizations, and government should be used to support tobacco control.

But Ritual Female Genital Mutilation? The AAP says These parents need 'counselling' with 'cultural sensitivity' . . . ...

How about JAIL TIME? There's a question we can ask the AAP, "Why aren't doctors required to call the cops?" If the parents transport the children back to whatever shithole country they came from to have their little girls mutilated, especially after being interviewed and warned by police, these parents should have their children taken away and face either deportation or lengthy jail time.

Reporting of gunshot wounds is mandatory, why not FGM?

Atlas has all the details and pictures (you need to see these) here.


  1. But Don, the AAP is not in favour of any kind of whacking off of female private parts that a) might cause trauma to the individual, or b) is not covered by health insurance under ObamaCare.

    b trumps a though.

    Female Genital Mutilitation looks a lot like abusive head trauma though, just a different head.

  2. People come to NA for freedom, opportunites, education, yet still regard the women of their families and culture as 'property'. There won't really be freedom until all women and children are truly free of barbaric customs. (And to those who think there is a choice involved?The look on the girl's face in the pictures does not have any trace of 'choice' being part of her experience.)

  3. Shocking, isn't it? People have to become less afraid of speaking up. Every post we make helps.