Monday, May 31, 2010

Next time, one torpedo . . ....

The Israeli Navy didn't sink one ship. Next time . ...

They boarded, and only after offering multiple alternatives for the flotilla. The so-called 'aid workers' went looking for a fight with the IDF, and they found one.

The IDF kept their big dogs in check, and the flotilla officials interviewed and attempting to rally support for their 'ship's of fools' were rediculous. The flotilla was intended to 'make a statement', and it certainly did.

Every Israeli official interviewed gave a calm, rational account of the chain of events leading up the the deaths of those so-called 'aid workers'. Next time, just send any ship that doesn't comply to the bottom. The Israeli's make a statement like nobody else - and it's always heard loud and clear.

Prime Minister Harper made a statement himself today about friends and allies, and all those who would attempt to bring their 'Jew hatin' ways' to Canada had better think twice. Well done, Mr. Harper.

Ali Mallah, rabid Jew-baiter and self labelled 'tough guy' better watch his mouth. The tide is about to turn, we'll have great video for you the next time Ali Mallah meets a group of Israel supporters.

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