Monday, May 18, 2009

Syed, If we didn't know you better . . ...

Well-known Canadian imam issues fatwa against Taliban

Really? Syed calls the Taliban 'unislamic', possessing an 'ideaology of hate' and is collecting donations for refugees from the Swat in Pakistan. It's a seemingly selfless and pro-western stance that has many of his detractors scratching their heads and wondering, "Just what is he up to now?"

After years of loose-cannon agitating, during which Mr Soharwardy did more damage than anything else for his cause, "Sideshow Syed" seems to have come to his senses.
Could this be another 'hudna', allowing the imam to regroup and rearm for another assault on Canadian freedom, similar to his recent failed attempt to "Shakedown" Ezra Levant?

On the surface, Syed seems to be sincere. The article certainly seems to ring true, when read on it's own and ignoring the many contradictory statements published about the author in the past. We remember it was little more than a year ago the Calgary Herald editorial board had to remind him of his statements supporting the institution of sharia law here in Canada.

So let's give Syed a chance. Keeping in mind that a dog that's bitten once before, will always be a dog that bites. No matter how many kids pet him.

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