Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Latest Muslim honor killer says, "I was provoked."

While Khatera Sadiqi and her fiance Feroz Mangal now lay in their graves, her brother Hasibullah Sadiqi is trying to wiggle out of the charge he murdered them.

Hasi-boo-boo was apparently upset the engagement of his 20 year old sister and her 23 year old boyfriend wasn't 'traditionally muslim' enough, so he decided to ambush them in their car at 1 a.m. on Sept 16, 2006. He is charged with shooting them both with a large calibre handgun.

"Lawyers representing Sadiqi don’t deny that their client is responsible for the deaths, but are expected to argue there was provocation, which could reduce a murder charge to manslaughter if certain legal requirements are met."

Are they kidding? Hard to believe that any sane lawyer is going to argue that a young Canadian girl provoked her brother enough to justify shooting her to death.

Maybe the belief in the cult of multi-cult will sway the jury. God, I hope not.

This trial will no doubt have an profound effect on the trial of another young Canadian girl's family later this year. Aqsa Parvez's father and brother are both accused of being involved in her 'honor killing' death by strangulation on Dec 10, 2007. Aqsa, for so dishonoring her family, now lies in unmarked grave #774 in Lot 17, in Brampton's Meadowvale Cemetery. The site remains unmarked as per the family's wishes, a fitting end, they feel, for a 'dishonored daughter'.

For a shocking chronology of the now weekly honor killings go to:

Update: Last words from the victim, "No matter what . . . I still love him . . . and have respect for him." "Cuz even if he ends up killing me . . . I will still not dis respect him." - http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Friend+tried+warn+couple+prior+Ottawa+honour+killings/1610325/story.html

Words fail me. Cross examination continues tomorrow.

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