Friday, May 8, 2009

Pointing out the Obvious

I can see some things that should be obvious to everyone.

This forum presenting my opinions will create public debate, broaden my worldview and be part of my role as a Canadian citizen. These are important points of free speech and public communication in a democracy.

Here's my thoughts, what I consider to be obvious truth in chaotic and misguided world. I haven't been everywhere, and haven't considered everything.

Having the good fortune to be born and raised in Canada, with fresh air and good drinking water, I can begin with appreciating what I have. I can walk to the store without fear of being shot at. That's not the way it is everywhere else in the world.

While I believe 'the best of us' have a responsibility to 'the rest of us', we also have a responsibility to maintain our highly successful culture.

Amid accusations that we aren't 'fair' enough, or 'tolerant' enough, I'll counter that life isn't fair and that people shouldn't expect it to be. Confident that natural justice and human emotions balance each other out, all efforts to change a culture to make it more 'fair', are naturally doomed to fail. Basic truths will always bear out, and ignoring these fundamental building blocks in a free society will forcast it's destruction.

Hard work, resilience in the face of adversity, and acceptance of the basic concepts of democracy trump hurt feelings, tolerance and diversity. Save your whining for someone who cares. Suck it up, set your goals and get to work. Don't tell me how to think, how to feel, or what opinions I can have.

So let me take out my Sharpe Stick, and point out the obvious.

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