Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thank You, Wahabi Whackos!

You've sparked the discussion that will end the madness of mainstream multi-culturalism.

Leaders of western cultures across Europe are announcing the official failure of their multi-cult policies.  England's PM David Cameron said so at the 47th Munich Security conference on Feb 5, and French President Nick Sarkozy said it in an interview with TFI on Feb 10.  Last October German Chancellor Angela Merkle got the worlds attention when she said that official multiculturalism had 'failed totally'.

As much as I believe the BQ are out to destroy Canada (after extorting as much funding as possible) I have to thank 'em for doing their part as well by banning kirpans from the legislature and refusing public services for anyone wearing a burka.

Here in Calgary today, Lisa Corbella interviews a raging bigot who says "anyone who wants to live under sharia law can go back to the hellhole country they came from" . . ... hang on, his name is Mahfooz Kanwar. ... he's a member of the Muslim Canadian Congress . . ... and Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Mount Royal University.  This guy is no bigot, he's the 'moderate muslim' we've all been looking for!
Let's hope more of these local voices of reason are heard.

Nobody says it better than Pat Condell!

h/t BCF

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