Thursday, February 24, 2011

Islamic States Apartheid Week

It's that time of year again.  Pali-Stu associations, generally based on your local university campus, will attempt to spin the persecution of Palestinians by their own Hamas leaders into something else.

The MSA has changed their name at UCLA to 'Students for Justice in Palestine' to get around a ban put on their organization by the university, after their behavior on campus during last years protests.  American Power has a report with photos here.

Three years ago the Pali-Stu group set up a fake Israeli checkpoint in the public space at MacEwan Hall on the U of C campus, to 'over-drama' the necessary efforts that country needs to make to keep their citizens safe from Hamas sponsored terror.  It'd be funny if it weren't so banal and sad.

Alan Dershowitz published a terrific article last March in JPost, asking why don't we have a 'Middle East Apartheid Education Week'.  Under they theory of exposing and discussing 'the worst first', all the islamic countries would be exposed and examined long before any discussion of the so-called Israeli apartheid was held.

So this year, during 'Islamic States Awareness Week', ask yourself and your friends who the real oppressors of human rights are: The islamic nut-bar regimes of Saudi-Iran-Jordan-Libya-Tunisia or the only democracy that exists in the mid-east, Israel.

'Islamic States Apartheid Week' info has been posted on the JDL website.

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