Friday, October 2, 2009

Gateway to the Swamp

You can stumble around the Internet for years, looking up reviews on products you want to buy, searching for friends and relatives, and reading the news. Occasionally you'll get linked to porn, banner ads for contests and other trash you weren't seeking. It's easy to just delete the link or ad, and move on.

Then you fall in the landfill. It starts out appearing as a reputable news or opinion article, then quickly becomes an anti-Israel rant that leaves a taste of death and corruption that no amount of mouthwash can remove.

The opposite of opening a window when the room is stuffy after vacation. The exact opposite of reading a David Warren column, something that uplifts and challenges you to think. The opposite of logical, rational discussion on important world topics that directly affect peoples lives.

Greg Felton's columns leave that horrible taste. A quick scan of his home page reveals all the clues anyone needs, as we are known by the company we keep. A link to the 'Canadian Charger', Elmo's personal vehicle for public humiliation, is featured prominently in the center of the page. A collection of articles in support of the sock puppet's attack on free speech is featured in 'MacLean's vs Islam'. Then there's the usual liberal view of 'enlightenment' showcase with links to other loony-left writers, most featuring further rants of anti-semitic hysteria.

Greg has his place in the world, distasteful though he's chose to make it. Having been exposed to the fetid stink of his poorly researched and formulated opinions, I'll return only occasionally to his 'opinion landfill', and then only to in an effort to know the enemy. Hopefully one day he'll come to his senses, although thoroughly entrenched with the enemies of Israel, it is possible that he can be redeemed.

Perhaps Jennifer Lynch and he can ride together to the Holocaust museum and publically apologize for their past behaviour . . .... it could happen.

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  1. Wow!

    Less than 48 hours after I post a column about Israel's army of hasbara liars and disinformants, you come along and prove everything I said about them.

    I wrote: "They are known by the language they use: depraved sexual insults, bile, bigotry, threats, disinformation and character assassination. That’s right: I’m talking about 'hasbarats,' zionist trolls who infect the Internet with hasbara, pro-Israel propaganda."

    Then you come along and insult me as irrational, illogical, and anti-Semitic (natch!) etc. ad naus.

    You smear my character, denigrate my writing and not once do you show any signs of synaptic activity. You are the perfect model of a hasbarat! Thank you for making my column meaningful.

    Four questions:

    1) What intelligence test did you have to flunk in order to become a hasbarat?

    2) How much are you getting paid to lie and spread disinformation?

    3) Are you familiar with the term "self-parody"

    4) Is Sharpe a joke surname, or what?