Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mr Stelmach, tear down this free speech wall!

For Seven Long Years the Calgary Herald was investigated for an editorial published in 2002, 'Apocalyptic Creed', by the Alberta HRC.

Nine 'muslim organizations' had complained the editorial 'promoted hatred and contempt of (them) and Palestinian Arabs'.

At the point of a a judicial shotgun, the Alberta HRC delivered a contemptible, passive-aggressive, thoroughly snotty ruling, "Although offensive, the editorial does not infringe Section 3 of the Act . . ..."

These 9 muslim groups earned our contempt then, and they continue to do so, as they continue to espouse baseless fiction slandering our beliefs, our culture, and our western way of life.

You don't see free speech advocates running to the Alberta HRC for 'protection' from these idiots, because in our western culture we believe they have a right to say whatever they want, boundaried only by the Ciminal Code of Canada. Allowing any of the HRC's to remain in Canada and remain in power is a personal violation of each one of us.

If the Stelmach Government doesn't move to abolish the Alberta HRC, the tool of these anti-freedom Albertans, it isn't their fault.

It's ours.

We get the government we deserve, and if we're all too weak, too complacent, too comfortable and too uninformed of the issues to demand change . . ... then we're farther down the road to a dictatorial caliphate-style of leadership than any of us had previously dreamed possible.

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  1. Good Post Don.

    I like your conclusion. It is hard hitting, and unfortunately true. Wake up People of Canada.

    Have you seen the actual ruling from the AHRC? I would like to see the actual wording of their ducking and jiving. I was not impressed with Ms. Riddle. She seemed more like Ms. Enigma to me.