Friday, April 1, 2011

Comments overwhelmingly bash 'Koranimals'

Stephen Schwartz visits Toronto and says 'islam is fine'.  
He confirms his Center for Islamic Pluralism has it's own dynamite kool-aid.
I'm Steve, I'm smarter than you.
Like this one:
"Empty words to justify islam and 'Koranimals' to the West are just that.  For every 10 so-called harmless muslims there's at least 1 hardcore islamist, and most of the 9 won't lift a finger to protect Canada when that one acts 'in the name of islam'.
Spare me the rhetoric, islam is an ideology more akin to facism than democracy. Tolerating any amount of islam ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD is foolish."
Another comment links to an alphabetical listing of Canadian Islamic Terrorists . . .... the comments are far better than the article.


  1. Further proof Islam is a f**ked up cult!

  2. Koranimals is an excellent term for them.

  3. 'Koranimals' - such an apt description.