Thursday, January 7, 2010

Islam is

What? Google 'Islam is', and compare that to 'Judaism is' or 'Christianity is' or 'Buddism is'. Speculation on the reasons at Atlas Shrugs.

Islamaphobia is . . ... irrational, says Janet Keeping, ethics queen at SCF(not to be confused with BCF).

Janet states; “With careful thought we can sort the real threats to our peaceful, democratic way of life from what is harmless . . ….”

The problem is, many of those who follow islam subscribe to no such careful thought process. Almost every journalist in the world is so afraid of being killed by radical islamists that only a very few have published the cartoons of mohammed. Your article is so naive, containing no supporting references, that one wonders if you just woke up one morning with the thought, “Maybe today I’ll write about Islam!”

Your rationalizations of human rights gains elicit only laughter from the violent jihadists who cheered when the planes struck on 9/11, when 3,000 people died and the world woke up to the threat of radical islam.

Who’s really protecting women, gays, Christians and Jews equally from people like ‘Mr Exploding Underwear’? Not you, with your silly words and bright smile. A strong capitalist government, with free citizens who are independent of and respected by that government, who value and participate in real democracy, in times of both peace and war. That’s who protects the citizens of this nation. Real freedom is earned every day, and some of those days it’s earned the hard way; with blood, and tears. Our brave soldiers in Afghanistan can tell you that’s how they’re earning it. For all of us.

You say: “Some versions of islam are not anti-women.”
So what? Thousands of muslim clerics acquiesce in, and offer mendacious legal interpretations to support such offenses as wife-beating, polygamy, female genital mutilation, honor killings, forced marriage, forced divorce, and the Saudi practice of “tourist marriage.” (Saudi daily al-Watan claims that Saudis have spent $25 million over the past three years on this scam, in which Saudi men on vacation deceptively marry local women for a summer, then divorce them before returning to the kingdom. Some of this behavior is derived from local cultures, but it has been assimilated by Islamist ideology.)

Your comparision of islam with christianity is laughable. With no centralized control, any local ‘moderate’ mosque could morph into a center of radical islamic terrorism with a simple change in imam. The more mosques, the more places radical islam grows. The so-called ‘moderate muslims’ everyone refers to? They’re as frightened as the rest of us of the radical islamists, perhaps more so, as they see first hand how dangerous they are. Moderate muslims are sheep, like the rest of us infidels and kuffar, just food for the radical islamic wolves.

I’m not willing to give up my culture, my way of life, my freedom – in the name of your cultural diversity. The truth is that radical islam is inherently evil and dangerous, a death cult of psychotics containing thousands of members who will stop at nothing to impose strict sharia law across the globe – people like you crying ‘islamaphobia’ doesn’t change what is the truth.

The Swiss banning of minarets was real democracy in action, and the Swiss people, clearly the most heavily armed and free population on earth, have demonstrated great foresight in preventing the building of any more ‘bayonets of islam’ in their country. It is right and good to mitigate the growth of radical islam by moderating the cultural cancer it spreads. Continue to ‘baaaa: islamaphobia’ if you like, Janet. To radical islam, you’re lamb chops and stew meat.

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  1. Every now and again, Janet Keeping says something intelligent, often actually. This is not her finest hour, from revisionist history, to revisionist current events she has demonstrated how out of touch she can be in the Sheldon Chumir Foundation ivory tower she hides her head in.

    But then, any sane woman in her position, who claims to be an ardent feminist, either does not even bother to understand her own feminist manifesto, or has delusions of growing a pole.

    Sheldom Chumir is probably rolling over in his grave if he has a feed of this stuff where he is now. Oops, I forgot, he was a liberal MLA. But, he was a Jew, the primary target, ahead only slightly of the rest of the kafirs, of the soft and hard jihad going on in our neck of the woods.

    Pardon the rant. It is just IMHO.