Monday, June 22, 2009

Jennifer Lynch says it's me that's misinformed.

- - - She has a lot in common with this guy - - -

As 'Supreme Leader' of the CHRC, Jennifer Lynch is spinning the story the way her Iranian counterpart tried to spin the election . . ... with similar results.
Not at all pleased with the 'frontal assault' of invectives 'hurled' at her commission, Jenny would like to take her ball and go home, inviting only those in Parliment over to play.
As an ordinary Canadian, I'm 'uninformed or misinformed' according to Ms Lynch. She claims to want a debate, although she "wants it to be an informed debate in the right forum, a place where people can have an informed dialogue. [That place is] Parliament, and parliamentary committees".
I've met my MP, Lee Richardson, and he's a pretty ordinary guy. I sure hope he can understand the detailed nuance of the CHRC argument that the rest of us seem to miss.
My guess? Lee and every other elected parlimentarian is going to be able to see right through Jenny. Her position is absolutely unsustainable under the hot lights of truth and freedom. As the Calgary Herald editorial board points out, these 'despotic forums' are easily recognized as such by us 'ordinary Canadians'.

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